Jan 1, 2008

How to Order

Please call me at (305) 401-5205 to discuss details, get quotes and place orders. Please have in mind a brief description of what you want (i.e. colors, theme and size). I recommend that you order at least one week in advance as I only accept a certain amount of orders per week. I reserve the right to reject any order for any reason.

Cancellations: A minimum of 5 days is required for cancellations. If an order is cancelled less than 5 days from the event, the deposit will not be refunded. If the order is cancelled 48 hours from the event the full price of the order is still due.

Pick-Up & Delivery: Customers are always welcome to pick up their cakes. I recommend bringing another person to stabilize the cake during transportation. If you prefer to have the cake delivered there will be a $15.00 local delivery fee and a $25.00 fee for anything over 10 miles.

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